The First Link

This is my initial post and I think the first thing I need to do is explain who I am, what I hope to achieve, and why the title, “Prometheus Unchained.”

Well, My name is Roy Reichle, and I live in the Northern Hinterlands of Nebraska on a five and a half acre plot of Eden. I’m not going to bore you with my bio except to say that I grew up in Southern Texas, Spent 20 years in the USAF, spent over half that in Europe, met my wife at my final assignment, obtained a Secondary English Teaching Degree at the University of Nebraska in Omaha,  and then moved here. I am not a teacher now, but rather own and operate a Personal Training business called Vertical Fitness.

This blog is something I’ve been wanting to do for some time, as I love to write (An English Teacher who loves to write?) and I feel that I have something to contribute to the world conversation. As a trainer, I work with people who are trying to better their lives through healthy living and the knowledge I pass on to them can possibly find a larger audience here. I also am an avid reader who constantly ingests thought provoking passages  and those thoughts need somewhere to go. My life is also full of adventures in the outdoors, as I am a rock climber, backpacker, and cave explorer, so I am sure to post some trip reports and insights.

Now, why title this site and blog “Prometheus-Unchained?” Well, ever since I was a boy the tale of Prometheus has intrigued me. He is my favorite Titan, mostly because he stuck his neck out to help the little guys–us. He brought the world fire, which made human life easier. Forever after, we could warm our caves, sear our meat, and light the way. I hope this blog can do something like that, make life a little easier, more palatable, and perhaps be lit more brightly.

Until next time–keep each other safe and remember that grace is the way to peace.