Really? Career Advice?

“I’ve learned that making a living is not the same as making a life. ”

Maya Angelou

On the Huffington Post, five successful and prominent women were asked to give advice to their 22 year-old-selves. Most all of them gave career and money advice.  Admittedly, it was a career that made these women who they are today. Plus, a career takes up a large part of every working person’s life, and in many ways a career is how working people define who they are.   It lets people know where they fit, how they are contributing to society. Nevertheless, to my mind, there is so much more than career advice for an older self to impart to her younger self.

There are qualities of being that are more general and broadly applicable that would prove useful.  One such quality might be “diligence.” Diligence applies to the working world, but it also umbrella’s social interaction. We have duties outside of what we get paid for: being kind, being helpful, and loving others. Everyone could improve on being more diligent about these essential ways of being. These are more than good behavior; they are the underpinnings, the foundations of every social construct worldwide. Without them, society collapses into self-centered anarchy.

Speaking of important social constructs, I remember when I was in college, studying to be a teacher; the question arose about what made a good marriage partner. Most everyone in the room’s number one answer was, “My partner can’t be cheap.” My number one answer was, “My partner should be kind.” I have never forgotten that moment when a sad part of the culture was revealed to me in a poignant way. It seems, judging by those women in the Huffington Post, that money and position in the working world, are more important than other things. And it’s not just that publication; I read, see and hear the same thing in all the media outlets; it’s all about the economy and rarely about the environment, caring for one’s fellow human beings, sustainability, or striving harder for peace.

So, what might each of us, not just those who have the endorsement of money on our resume, impart to our younger selves, who exist in the new crowds of young people thronging forward like salmon to sea? Besides planning and goal setting, what will bring the greatest success? Perhaps we should fall back on the old guard: Be honest in everything, work hard no matter what you are doing, love one another based on nothing other than you are fellow humans, be diligent, persevere. Those qualities will ensure success, no matter what the context or field.

4 thoughts on “Really? Career Advice?”

  1. Hey!

    It’s Danny from the climbing trips. This really is some great advice for both working and living your life. Sometimes it seems that more people need to realize this.

  2. Hey, cool! Thanks for dropping by. Tell Colton or Dalton to visit too.
    What’s really unfortunate, Danny, is that so many do realize the need to be driven by more than career and economic status, but don’t do anything about it. Sometimes their reluctance is driven by products they want to buy, sometimes by travel dreams, or by fear of the uncertain future. Yet, nothing can make a future certain. Likely? Sure. But never certain. And even in an absence of total economic success, there are ways to have a lesser job and still experience your dreams. It just takes a little more time and commitment. I know there are places I’d like to visit, but the money never seems to be there, but if I were to discipline myself to put aside more and not buy other things I don’t really need; I could visit those places. Until next time…

  3. Wow! That’s a very powerful message. It’s definitely true as well. I love the language structure by the way.

    I have a little piece Im still working on about efficiency in ones life. I’ll definitely share it with you when I’m done with the rough draft.

  4. Thanks for dropping in, Sky. I’m glad you found my little blog/essay worth your while. : ) I hope you come back and read some of the others, or if you have, leave a comment on those as well. I’d particularly like to hear your take on “Advance Confidently” since it has a stronger spiritual message.
    I’d love to see your work, as a matter of fact, I could let you be a guest author on my blog if you like. That might be fun. Let me know what you think. Take care and hope to see your input here again, soon!

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